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Siemens ALC-42 (Charger)

Diesel-Electric Locomotive

Series: "Charger"

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Specifications [+]
The Siemens Charger ALC-42 series succeeds the GENESIS models in service with passenger-hauler AMTRAK from 2024 onwards.
The Siemens Charger is an all-modern diesel-electric, high-speed passenger-hauling locomotive solution designed, developed, and manufactured by German-based Siemens Mobility based on the company's European-centric "Vectron". The series encompasses models ALC-42, ALC-42E, SC-44, SCB-40, and SCV-42. Since 2016, some 371 total units have been completed (or ordered) for various operators. The line (by way of the SC-44 mark) was initially realized in March of 2016 and entered service the following year. Primary customers of the type include AMTRAK, Via Rail, and Metro-North Railroad.

In the AMTRAK stable, the Charger ALC-42 is being used to succeed an aging line of GENESIS models from 2024 onwards, particularly in the long-haul passenger service role. Numbers range from 300 to 424 in the inventory with first units being introduced in 2021 and fifteen currently (mid-2023) making up their number. AMTRAK operates the design under the AMTRAK (125 x ALC42 and 65 x ALC-42E) and AMTRAK Midwest (33 x SC-44) brand labels.

The Charger is primarily of diesel rail line design but can also operate in a "dual-mode" function with onboard diesel and / or electric supply (ALC-42E model). Its wheel arrangement in the UIC notation is Bo'Bo' while B-B in the AAR format. The locomotive has a running length of 71.5 feet with a beam of 10 feet and a height of 14.7 feet. It weighs 260,000lb.

Internally, there is a Cummins QSK95 series turbocharged V16 four-stroke cycle diesel engine running at up to 1,800rpm delivering between 4,000 and 4,400 horsepower output. This propels the locomotive to speeds of 125 miles-per-hour (200kmh). The traction motor arrange are Siemens 3-phase AC induction motors of 978 horsepower each. Braking is through a dynamic, regenerative electropneumatic arrangement with ACSES II and I-ETMS serving as the onboard safety systems.

The SCB-40 manages an output of 4,000 horsepower while the ALC-42 can reach 4,200 horsepower. The SC-44 is rated up to 4,400 horsepower output.

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Specifications [ Siemens ALC-42 (Charger) ]

Siemens Mobility - Germany

2016 - Ongoing
Production Run

371 units
Production Total
Train driver seating position graphic

Driver Position
21.8m | 71.5 ft
NOTE: May include length of entire train set
120,000 kg
(264,600 lb | 132 US Tons)
Locomotive power source graphical icon
Power Source
1 x Cummins QSK95 V16 four-stroke cycle turbocharged diesel engine developing between 4,000 and 4,400 horsepower (model dependent).
Engine / Drive Source
Siemens 3-phase AC induction motors of 978 horsepower each.
Traction Motor / Sets
4,000 hp
Rated Output Power
200.0 kph
(124.3 mph)
Max Speed
Wheel Arrangement
(Loco Facing Left)


Safety Systems
Series Variants
ALC-42 - Base Series Designation; 4,200hp output.
"Charger" - Main series name; based in the Siemens Vectron design serving Europe.
ALC-42E - "Dual-mode" operation (diesel-electric) for AMTRAK along Northeast Corridor.
SC-44 - 4,400hp output; AMTRAK mark.
SCB-40 - 4,000hp output; Brightline mark.
SCV-42 - Via Rail mark.
Operating Countries
United States

National flag of the United States
Customers / Operators:
Altamont Corridor Express; AMTRAK; AMTRAK Midwest; California Department of Transportation; Coaster; Exo; MARC; Metro-North Railroad; Ontario Northland; Via Rail; Washington State Department of Transportation
NOTE: Includes both past and present

Image of the Siemens ALC-42 (Charger)

Image of the Siemens ALC-42 (Charger)
Front left side view of a stationary ALC-42 locomotive in AMTRAK livery.
AMTRAK marketing materials.
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