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GE ES44C4 (GE Evolution)

Diesel-Electric Locomotive

Series: "GE Evolution"

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Specifications [+]
The ES44C4 mark of the GE Evolution series went on to serve just BNSF and Florida East Coast.
The ES44C4 is a diesel-electric locomotive for heavy-haul routes introduced by General Electric (GE) Transportation Systems with original series introduction had in 2003 as part of the company's "Evolution Series". The design includes six total major marks with some offshoots built into the 2010s. Manufacture of the ES44C4 was had from the period spanning 2009 to 2015, making it a relatively new addition to railways. American-based BNSF (under parent brand Berkshire Hathaway and headquartered out of Fort Worth, Texas) became the first global operator to receive and apply the design in service through an initial procurement order covering twenty-five locos (Serial Nos. 6600 through 6624).

The ES44C4 followed the ES44DC (2005) into service.

Like other locos of the series, the ES44C4 is powered by the GE "GEVO" engine with a focus on lower emissions while retaining the needed hauling power.

The designation "ES44C4" itself actually hints at several key features of this locomotive. The "ES" denotes its ties to the General Electric "Evolution Series" while "44" is a reference to the available 4,400 horsepower output. The "C" in the name reveals three axles per truck and the "4" is in reference to the four traction motors in play (with two traction motors being dedicated to each truck; the ES44AC was given three in comparison). A digital system also adjusts the air cylinders on-the-fly in the C4 for improved traction and enhanced endurance.

Dimensionally, the locomotive has a running length of 74.5 feet. Its general arrangement is consistent with other modern American locomotives seating the driving cab at front with a commanding view over the bow. Fuel stores are carried at midships with the engine seated at the midway point of the design. Access stairs are positioned at both ends and catwalks are present along both sides of the rectangular vehicle.

Power is through a diesel-electric configuration with the prime mover being the GEVO V12 powerplant offering up to 4,400 horsepower output. The arrangement allows the locomotive to reach rail speeds of up to 75 miles-per-hour (121 kmh). Fuel capacity if 5,000 U.S. gallons.

BNSF purchased 1,280 total units across three total batches built from 2009 into 2015 with two having been lost in wrecks. Florida East Coast is the only other major operator of the ES44C4 and has a fleet of 24 units (Serial Nos. 800 through 823) all built in 2014.

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Specifications [ GE ES44C4 (GE Evolution) ]

GE Transportation Systems (General Electric) - USA

United States
2009 - 2015
Production Run

1,304 units
Production Total
Train driver seating position graphic

Driver Position
22.7m | 74.5 ft
NOTE: May include length of entire train set
Locomotive power source graphical icon
Power Source
GEVO V12 diesel-electric unit.
Engine / Drive Source
4,400 hp
Rated Output Power
Wheel Arrangement
(Loco Facing Left)

Operating Countries
United States

National flag of the United States
Customers / Operators:
BNSF; Florida East Coast
NOTE: Includes both past and present

Image of the GE ES44C4 (GE Evolution)

Image of the GE ES44C4 (GE Evolution)
Left side view of the General Electric ES44C4 diesel-electric locomotive; illustration.
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