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BR Class 484 EMU

Electric Locomotive

Series: "D-Train"

"Just five Class 484 trains were converted from the old Underground Stock by Vivarail for use in the Isle of Wight."

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Specifications [+]
The Class 484 - part of the D-Train family of trains - is an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) modernized by Vivarail from the original London Underground D78 type by builder Metro-Cammell during the 1970s-1980s. Five D-Trains were ordered from Vivarail and these all pulled from the Underground stock with appropriate modifications given to the track, signaling, and platforms. Service entry of these two-car units followed in November of 2021 and continues today (2023) with all five examples in operation with carrier Island Line based out of Ryde.

The line was used to succeed an aging stock of Class 483 trains (also pulled from former 1938 Underground types and retaining more of their original squat form) in same role.

Construction of the car bodies is of aluminum. The car has a length of 60.2 feet with a width of 9.3 feet and a height of 11.10 feet. The two car units have four doors each along the sides with the doors consisting of a single-leaf, sliding pocket measuring 3.7 feet wide. Rectangular windows are set between each door unit. In the driver's compartment, the operator sits at front-left.

The car axle arrangement is of the Bo'Bo'+Bo'Bo' configuration. Wheel diameter is 31.1 inches with bogies manufactured by Bombardier. The traction motor component consists of Traktionssysteme Austria with a 750 V DC third rail electrical system used. The current collector is a conventional contact shoe. Maximum speed of the design is rated to 60 miles-per-hour though service speeds typically run at 45 mph maximum. The braking system is a standard electro-pneumatic arrangement.

In-series unit numbers are from 484001 to 484005. Island Line operates the units in the Isle of Wight from Ryde Pier south to Shanklin. Prior to the Class 484 and aforementioned Class 483 trains, the route was handled by the Class 485 followed by the Class 486 (taken from the Standard Stock and introduced in 1967). The Class 483 emerged in 1989 from the 1938 Stock but, even by then, were some eighty or so years old.

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Specifications [ BR Class 484 EMU ]

Vivarail (modernization) / Metro-Cammell (Original Stock) - United Kingdom

United Kingdom
2020 - 2021
Production Run

5 units
Production Total
Train driver seating position graphic

Driver Position
18.4m | 60.3 ft
NOTE: May include length of entire train set
Locomotive power source graphical icon
Power Source
Electric-drive arrangement with 750 V DC third-rail access via contact shoe.
Engine / Drive Source
Traktionssysteme Austria traction motors.
Traction Motor / Sets
100.0 kph
(62.2 mph)
Max Speed
Wheel Arrangement
(Loco Facing Left)
Series Variants
Class 484 - Base Series Designation.
Operating Countries
United Kingdom

National flag of the United Kingdom
Customers / Operators:
Island Line
NOTE: Includes both past and present

Image of the BR Class 484 EMU

Image of the BR Class 484 EMU
Left side color illustration of a BR Class 484 power car in Island Line livery.
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