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Alstom TGV-M (Avelia Horizon)

Electric, Tilting Locomotive

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Specifications [+]
New to the Alstom offerings of very-high-speed electric train sets is the TGV-M series of 2024.
The Alstom TGV-M is billed by train-maker Alstom as the world's only very-high-speed double-deck electric train anywhere in the world, featuring twin-story carriages and a top speed of 217.5 miles-per-hour (350 kmh). The series is set to begin operating services sometime in 2024. Testing has been ongoing since late-2022.

The locomotive exudes modern styling with its elegantly-shaped, aerodynamic nose assembly ahead of the driver's position. The sloping window offers good views forward and smaller windows are placed to each side of the driving cabin. Headlamps are integrated into the smooth lines of the nose and positioned at either "cheek" of the design. Carriages are noted for their twin rows of viewing windows provided to each useable floor. Car body construction involves aluminum and seating arrangements are fully-modular to suit customer requirements as well as specific route demands. Passengers have access to all of the expected amenities of European-originated high-speed train travel.

The traction system comprises an Alstom IGBT-VVVF arrangement of AC-DC-AC transmission and an output rating of 11,000 horsepower. Supported electric system (via overhead Pantograph) are 25kV 50Hz AC, 15kV 16.7Hz AC, 3kV DC, and 1,500V DC allowing the train to be supported across Europe. Two power cars are used in a typical configuration, each seating a single Pantograph unit, and providing a "push-pull" function to propel the train set to high speeds. The braking system is dynamic and regenerative at the power cars and electro-pneumatic disk / tread across the train set.

The Avelia Horizon is billed with reduced operating costs as well as well-though-out efficiency (up to 30% less energy consumption and 20% less maintenance costs than competing designs) in its category while promoting high-speed train travel as well as maximized passenger occupancy (up to 740 can be carried in the 200 meter long train set arrangement).

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Specifications [ Alstom TGV-M (Avelia Horizon) ]

Alstom - France

2024 - Ongoing
Production Run

2 units
Production Total
Train driver seating position graphic

Driver Position
Locomotive power source graphical icon
Electric, Tilting
Power Source
Alstom IGBT-VVVF unit of 11,000 horsepower accessed with overhead Pantograph (single assembly per power car); 25kV 50Hz AC, 15kV 16.7Hz AC, 3kV DC, and 1,500V DC.
Engine / Drive Source
Alstom IGBT-VVVF; AC-DC-AC transmission arrangement.
Traction Motor / Sets
11,000 hp
Rated Output Power
350.0 kph
(217.5 mph)
Max Speed
Wheel Arrangement
(Loco Facing Left)

Series Variants
TGV-M - Base Series Designation.
"Avelia Horizon" - Base Series Name.
Operating Countries

National flag of France
Customers / Operators:
NOTE: Includes both past and present

Image of the Alstom TGV-M (Avelia Horizon)

Image of the Alstom TGV-M (Avelia Horizon)
Dramatic shot of a passing Alstom Avelia Horizon very-high-speed electric train set.
Image from official Alstom marketing materials.
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